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Major Car Service

Major Car Service

What is defined as a major car service will vary between different makes and models of vehicles. The below list of services is generally what would be considered to be a major car service. However, there will be variations that can be discussed depending on your vehicle and its specific needs. Amid all that, we are recognised for our European Car repair services in Wollongong & surrounding areas.

We have a team of professional mechanics having years of experience in the industry. Our team discusses all the parameters of your vehicle including- how your vehicle is used, how often you drive it, how many times it has been repaired, etc. so that we can give you the service that will be most beneficial to you. Below is a list of our services:

Our Services

Your major service includes various component replacements like air and cabin filters, fuel filters, and auxiliary fluids. The extent of the service depends on the manufacturer’s recommendations or your preferences.

The price may vary based on the vehicle type and the desired scope of work.

We begin with a comprehensive inspection of all components and provide the customer with advice on the necessary actions and a proposed cost

Our Expertise Extends to AUDI, Skoda, and VW Vehicles: Trust Us to Keep Your European Vehicle in Top Shape!

Our Services

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