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Oil & Lubricants

1st Choice Mechanical Repair uses and recommends Castrol engine oils and fluids. Castrol international reputation exceeds that of other engine oil companies and has been a leading and reputable brand for many years.
Their range of oils is vast and you can rest assured that whatever vehicle you own, Castrol will have the correct oil. 
Read More to check what oils are available for your vehicle.


1st Choice Mechanical Repairs recommends checking your vehicle’s engine oil at least bi-monthly. How the vehicle is used, how old the vehicle is and many other contributing factors will determine the rate of oil consumption. Your vehicle will use up oil between changes, so we recommend regularly keeping an eye on the oil level.



If the oil level is low, do not put just any oil in the vehicle. The engine will require a specific type of engine oil, so check your owner’s manual. Using the wrong type of engine oil can harm the engine. We strongly recommend contacting 1st Choice Mechanical Repairs technicians for advice on what oil your vehicle’s engine takes and what we recommend if the oil is low.

It is great to be pro-active and check your engine oil. However, if you are not confident please do not hesitate to contact us.



Dipsticks vary in style and how they show the oil level, so check the owner’s manual for your vehicle. The dipstick will most likely have a yellow handle. With the engine NOT running, remove the dipstick, wipe it clean on a tissue and re-insert it all the way back down the tube until it stops. Remove and inspect the tip to see where the oil level is. Re-insert the dipstick into its tube, and make sure it is secured.



Oil consumption occurs in all engines, new or old. The upper components of the engine require constant lubrication, which requires small quantities of oil that will become burnt during the combustion process with temperatures reaching above 800 decrees Celsius.

The most significant losses of oil occur during this combustion process and will naturally cause oil levels to drop over time.


New vehicles with new components that have not been bedded in will allow greater volumes of oil to pass by the piston rings. This is normal, but it is a good idea to keep an eye on it. If it becomes excessive, bring it in to be looked at. Adverse driving conditions or situations that are strenuous or arduous, such as a constant higher RPM, towing, even very low RPM from idling for long periods of time, can affect the oil levels. It is normal, but monitor the levels to catch any problems.

Using an incorrect oil for the engine is more than likely going to interfere with consumption. The oil must meet minimum viscosity (thickness) specifications and be suited to the characteristics and design of the vehicle. This is not acceptable. The wrong oil should not ever be used, even for a short time. In most cases, there will be several types of oil that can be used in the engine, and these options can change depending on how the engine wears. Contact 1st Choice Mechanical Repairs for advice on engine oil type.out 


If you have purchased an extended warranty or have entered into an agreement with a particular manufacturer in relation to an extended warranty exceeding the manufacturer’s warranty period, please check the fine print for your responsibilities and what is actually covered.

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