Major Car Service

Is A Major Car Service Necessary?

Is your car in need of repairs, and you live in Wollongong area? Does it have several things going wrong it, or that should be fixed, and it’s just not running right. There are factors that contribute to this, such as the age of the car, wear and tear, how you use it, how often it is driven, etc. But the big MAYBE, is that it hasn’t had a major service for a while, or it’s well overdue.

You might be wondering what’s in involved major car service. There are several car servicing packages that we offer: logbook services, minor car services, major car services, fleet services, etc. A major car service is the highest level of these packages and one of the most important maintenance plans for your car. It is primarily an overall complete check of your vehicle.

This service is recommended every 50,000 kilometers or every 24 months.

If you are looking for a mechanic that can perform a major car service for your car, 1st Choice Mechanical is the best place to go. With a team of professional and experienced mechanics, we believe we can give your car the best service it needs to perform at its best. Here’s a list of what we do, when you bring your car to us for a major car service.

  • Major Car ServiceReplace your old, black oil with new, clean engine oil.
  • Replace all oil, fuel, air and pollen filters.
  • Replace your car spark plugs.
  • Inspect the brakes, cleaned and adjusted accordingly.
  • Flush and change car transmission, clutch, power steering and coolant fluids.
  • Test the battery to be sure that it is charging as it should.
  • Check the gear box, transfer case, different oils, wiper blades and even the bulbs.
  • Full safety inspection is performed.
  • Road test, to pick up issues that cannot be detected by simply inspecting the engine.

The above services will make your car run more efficiently, smoothly and effectively. It also aims to maximise your fuel economy, so that you gain full confidence, when you drive your car.

This is how important a major car service is to all vehicle owners. This will prevent you from spending money for major car repairs. Don’t wait until a problem occurs and keep postponing the scheduled major car service, due to time involved and the amount that it will cost. It is better to spend a much lower amount now on a service, rather than on a repair later, which will be more expensive.

Other benefits of major car service include-

  1. Reduction of breakdowns
  2. Improved lifespan
  3. Increase in resale value
  4. Valid warranties
  5. Insurance claims
  6. Safety of driver and passengers and other people on the road.

1st Choice Mechanical will perform a major car service, according to what your vehicle needs and according to your budget. We will first inspect your car and discuss with you what is involved, whatever we find in our inspection. Then we will make recommendations for your approval.

Contact us today on (02) 4228 7949, so we can discuss further our servicing packages or visit as at, to find out more about our full range of services.

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