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How vehicle registrations work in NSW

If you have recently moved to NSW or you’re buying a car in NSW for the first time, you’re probably wondering how vehicle registration works and what process you need to go through to get your car up to standard. In Australia, you need to register your vehicle before you drive it on roads, but what does the process involve in NSW, specifically? Take a look at our guide on how vehicle registration works in NSW.

What is a motor vehicle registration?

A motor vehicle registration is the registration of a motor vehicle with your local government authority. A registration is effectively used to create a connection between the vehicle and the owner that can be used to identify the vehicle in any number of situations. All vehicles must be registered in order to be driven on roads, but different states around Australia are going to have different requirements for vehicle registration.

How vehicle registration works in NSW

Organise your paperwork: The first thing that you will need to do is organise your paperwork. If you’re buying a second-hand car you will need to get your hands on an Application for Registration and fill in your details as well as those of your new vehicle. If you’re buying a car from a dealership or a new car your dealer they will be able to provide you will all of the relevant documents at the time of purchase.

Proof of identity:

If you have previously had a vehicle registered under your name or hold a current driver’s licence, the motor vehicle dealer can finalise your registration for you, otherwise you will be expected to head into a service centre with proof of identity and a Customer Number Organisation Application form to complete your registration.

Organise your Green Slip:

All personal motor vehicles (except for caravans and trailers) are required to have a Green Slip or CTP Insurance. This can be organised at the same time as your registration and, in many instances, your motor vehicle dealer can do it for you.

How much does vehicle registration cost in NSW?

The cost of your vehicle registration in NSW is going to depend on the type of vehicle that you are registering. You can expect to pay the following:

Cars, trucks and station wagons: Registration fees are $70 annually
Motorbikes: Registration fees are $67 annually
Caravans and trailers: Registration fees range from $123 to $448 depending on the size and weight range of the vehicle. These fees can often be automatically discounted up to 40% for new registrations and the renewal of privately registered vehicles.

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