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How To Flush Your Car Cooling System?

There are many good reasons for you as a car owner, to bring your car into your local mechanic, so that they can undertake preventive maintenance, scheduled oil changes, major tune ups and inspections and any other mechanical repairs. Even if you think it’s a small problem, don’t ignore it, because usually, that’s when the problems start.

Flushing your car’s cooling system is an important maintenance task that helps to keep your engine running cool and prevent overheating. Over time, coolant can become contaminated with rust, sediment, and other debris, which can reduce its effectiveness in dissipating heat. Flushing the cooling system helps to remove these contaminants and ensure that your car’s engine stays cool, preventing potential damage and extending the life of your vehicle.

Is your temperature gauge always high? Or your car engine always overheated? Or you notice leaks, steam or strange odours coming from the bonnet? It might be time for you to visit a mechanic Wollongong to have everything checked, as there might be a problem with the cooling system of your engine.

The cooling system is an important part of the car, which comprises of six main components – a radiator, hoses, engine, a cooling fan, thermostat and a water pump. The functions of your engine’s cooling system are to remove excess heat from the engine and to maintain the engine’s right operating temperature. In simple words, the system prevents your engine from overheating.

These signs of temperature issues indicate that your car needs an engine’s cooling system flush, and the car should be brought into the service centre. Below is the work we will carry out for you:

Car Cooling System

  1. Take off the covers of the coolant reservoir and the radiator.
  2. Place a container underneath the drain of the radiator. This enables to collect the flushed antifreeze.
  3. Keep the drain open, so that the antifreeze will collect in the container.
  4. Pour the radiator flush and fill the remaining with water.
  5. Close the cap of the coolant reservoir and the radiator. Keep the engine running for about 10 minutes, see that the heater is kept to its full blast, for this period of time.
  6. Let the engine cool down. Redrain the radiator and repeat the same thing again.
  7. After draining the radiator, pour the antifreeze in and you’re done.

The process sounds simple, doesn’t it? Any motorist will think that they can do it themselves. You’ll have to simply drain the radiator, and this will aid in getting rid of the old antifreeze; but there could be some coolants and contaminants left that could mix with and contaminate into the new antifreeze added. This may eventually cause overheating.

So, rather than doing it yourself, we suggest that you go to a mechanic for a comprehensive flush of your engine’s cooling system.

1st Choice Mechanical in Wollongong is offering this type of service and they commit to give your car engine a full flush, a forced removal of anything left on the radiator to allow space for the new fluid. Also, our mechanics will perform a full system inspection to find out if there’s any leak that needs to be fixed. Ignoring any leaks means that the engine will overheat again, within a short time after the flush.

So, if you’re based in and around the Wollongong area and you notice the signs mentioned above, bring your car in to our mechanical shop immediately. Being proactive in maintaining your vehicle will protect you from getting bigger problems into the future.

Avoid spending a lot of money on hard to fix automotive issues. Contact us at (02) 4228 7949, if you want a fast quote or visit us at, if you want to learn more.

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