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Minor Car Service

Minor Car Service

1st Choice Mechanical Repairs can service any make and model vehicle you own. All you need is to let our car mechanic experts know the issue or vehicle requirements.

Never worry again about making an appointment with a mechanic and finding out they don’t service your car, we can do it all. Come to us for all your minor car repair services for Nissan, Ford, Toyota and many more brands in Wollongong.

We will get you back onto the road quickly. Whether you need a repair or just want routine maintenance done, bring in your vehicle.

We can change engine oil and oil filters and will also check your brakes and tyres to make sure they are functioning safely and efficiently. For us, handing over a safe and ready-to-drive vehicle is important and that’s what we excel in.

We will also check all your fluids and filters, including your windscreen solution and will perform a comprehensive check-over of your vehicle to make sure everything is working as it should.

If not, the issue is notified to you immediately before resolving the unexpected car issue. We make sure we inform our customers to maintain strict adherence to 100% transparent charges.

All work is done by qualified technicians according to the manufacturer’s specification; always using appropriate quality OEM parts and/or genuine parts where required.

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If you have purchased an extended warranty or have entered into an agreement with a particular manufacturer in relation to an extended warranty exceeding the manufacturer’s warranty period, please check the fine print for your responsibilities and what is actually covered.

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Our Expertise Extends to AUDI, Skoda, and VW Vehicles: Trust Us to Keep Your European Vehicle in Top Shape!

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