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What does a major car service include and why is it critical

Regular servicing is important for the safe operation and longevity of your vehicle and it is usually advised that you have your car serviced every six months, or at least once a year depending on how much you are driving. After every two minor services, though, you should book your vehicle in for a major car service. These comprehensive checks are more expensive and will take most of the day to complete, but they are imperative to keep your vehicle performing well, to check and replace any consumable parts or fluids that have reached their end of life and to ensure your car passes a safety inspection.

A major car service usually includes:

  • Major Car ServiceA full Caltex oil change
  • Replacement of all filters including oil and air filters
  • Inspection of all fluid levels including power steering, transmission, clutch and brake, topping up and replacing as required
  • Radiator inspection (to check for any damage, wear and tear or leaks) and coolant top up or replacement
  • Full electrical system inspection including your battery, alternator, lights and indicators
  • Air-conditioning inspection to check it is operating correctly and providing the right temperatures
  • Spark plug inspection and replacement
  • Brake system inspection, adjustment and replacement of any components that have worn out
  • Safety inspection to ensure there are no major issues that need urgent attention
  • A road test to ensure everything is running correctly so you can be confident in your vehicle
  • Final checks on all elements including things like your wiper blades etc.

Why you should never delay your major car service

Many people can be tempted to delay their major car services because they are worried about the costs involved. It can be easy to let it wait until the next payday or to procrastinate to save some money. However, you will not be saving money in the long run.

When you put off your major car service you could be accelerating wear and tear on your vehicle. If lubricants and fluids are low, your engine could be running hotter, there could be more friction between parts and major components could fail prematurely. Then you are not looking at the cost of a major car service, you will need to pay for a major car repair job – or even a car replacement if the engine seizes.

Then there are the safety elements. Is it worth risking your life or the lives of your passengers? If your brakes fail without warning or a major part fails while you are driving on the highway it can lead to catastrophic outcomes. Major car services are vital to ensure your vehicle is running optimally and – more importantly – safely.

Book your vehicle in for a major service today

When you are looking for the most reputable and cost-effective car mechanic in Wollongong, our team will provide the most comprehensive major car service at affordable rates. Our checks are meticulous and we will always discuss any significant issues with you before carrying out work so there is no bill shock.

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