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Is A Four-Year-Old Car Battery Considered Old?

The battery of your car is probably the most crucial element to keep your car running. It not only starts up your engine, but also supplies power to all electrical components of the car. Do you know how your car battery works? Switching on the ignition will trigger a chemical reaction inside the battery, producing electrical energy. The failure of a battery is due to the disintegration of active material inside it, which doesn’t allow the charging and recharging cycles in a battery to proceed.

You might be wondering how long your car battery will last. Well, on average, most standard batteries last from three to five years. If you take proper care of your car and drive it in ideal climatic conditions, then the battery could even last up to six years. If your battery is four years old or more, it is best to check it regularly, to be avoid being stranded in the middle of the road suddenly. This is because on average, the battery of a car will need to be replaced, every four years. Next time you organise a car service, get your mechanic to double check the batteries.

There are signs you can watch out for to understand whether your car battery is dying or not.

These are:

Car Battery

  1. Slow starting of the engine
  2. Dim headlights
  3. Foul odour, due to a battery chemical leak
  4. Corroded connectors on battery
  5. Swollen or misshapen battery
  6. Leaky battery

You need to also take care of other factors to extend the life of a battery. Not driving a car for long periods of time can cause a battery to fail. Similarly, frequent short car trips can also drain out a battery. Lastly, whenever you’re exiting your car, ensure to switch off all internal and headlights. Failing to do so, can cause a complete battery failure.

Getting stranded in the middle of the road can be frustrating and inconvenient, not only to you but to others that may need to assist you. Unfortunately, this happens more often than you think due to the inattention occurring and not scheduling checking of the car batteries. The best way to avoid such a scenario is to have your car checked regularly, by a experienced and qualified mechanic. The expert mechanics at 1st Choice can test your battery efficiently. In case the battery needs to replace, they will use only the highest-quality battery for your car. To schedule an appointment or to speak to an expert, call us on (02) 4228 7949 or email us at We also offer breakdown services; in case your car has broken down. You can get in touch with us through our mobile number 0435 808 380 and we will tow your car back to our premises at a reasonable price. To find out more about all our other services, you can also visit us at

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