Where do I find Starter Motors Near Me?

Cars always tend to give signs, when something is faulty, such as unusual clicking sounds or when the engine doesn’t start immediately. When you hear any kind of chattering noise, when starting the car, it could mean trouble. So, it would be a good idea to have it checked by a reputable mechanical repair shop in your area.

One example of a car part that may need to be checked is the starter motor. It is also referred to as; cranking motor or a self-starter. This powerful electrical motor is used to rotate the internal combustion engine, in order to start the car. The starter system is composed of the motor itself and the solenoid attached to it. The solenoid delivers the battery power to the starter motor.

The starter motor is critical to your vehicle’s performance. If it works incorrectly, then your vehicle won’t start. You’ll be stranded and possibly getting your car towed to a car repair shop. If you’re looking for a reputable mechanic in Wollongong in NSW, the 1st Choice Mechanical Repairs is the best place for your car to be repaired. We have experts, who will inspect your car thoroughly and get to the root of the problem in no time.

Don’t wait for your starter motor to fail completely. These are signs that indicate your car needs a thorough check on its self-starter.

  1. Grinding noise

   It results when the drive gear is already worn out or is not engaging properly. This sign shouldn’t be ignored, as it may damage the engine flywheel (the motor’s main wheel).

  1. Freewheeling

When you try to start the engine, it won’t crank. Instead, it makes a whining noise. This means the starter motor is not engaging with the flywheel.

  1. Clicking sound as the key is turned

If the engine doesn’t start instantly, when you turn the key and then it starts when you repeat the action, it’s called an intermittent issue. This might be caused due to a problem in the relay.

  1. Smoke

Smoke indicates that the power being drawn through the electrical supply is too much for the starter motor. This is caused due to long travel, without rest or possibly because of a problem with connection.

  1. Engine won’t turn over

It maybe because of a battery issue.

At 1st Choice Mechanical Repairs, we can provide you with expert solutions for any of your car’s mechanical issues. We provide various services, including repair of starter motors. We always want to ensure that your vehicle is safe and reliable when you are on the road. So, if you got concerns with your car’s electrical system and starter motor, we are only to happy to help.

Contact us at (02) 4228 7949 or visit our website www.wollongongmechanical.com.au. Our auto repair engineers are experts in figuring out the issue with your car in a jiffy.

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