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What causes a starter motor to fail

If you notice strange noises coming from your car and think they might be related to your starter motor, it’s important you organise a check with a trusted car mechanic in Wollongong straight away.

Your starter motor is responsible for rotating or cranking your car’s engine to get it started. They’re designed to last between 150,000 and 200,000 kilometres, and while most cars will be fitted with a starter motor that will last for the lifespan of the vehicle, some might fail ahead of time. What might cause your starter motor to fail? Read on to learn more.

Faulty electronics

If there’s loose wiring, your starter’s components could become disconnected from the dashboard, causing issues when you try and start the car.

Issues can also be caused by a bad relay or fuse. Relays are electromagnetic switches connected to the starter motor. If your relay is damaged, the electrical supply to your component will be cut off and your car won’t start properly.

Defective solenoid switch

The solenoid connects the engine to the starter motor. If the solenoid isn’t wired properly, has a blown fuse, or has gone through wear and tear, your starter motor will have trouble operating.

Battery corrosion

White, blue or green residue on your battery’s cables or terminals can indicate starter issues. Corrosion can compromise performance, leading to total electrical disruption of your starter motor.

Oil leaks

Even a slow or small oil leak can soak the starter motor, causing damage and even eventual failure.

Dirty motor

If dirt, dust, grime and metal fragments have collected, they can damage the electronics between your battery and your starter. If the power is compromised, your starter motor may fail.

Natural wear and tear

Just like every other element of your vehicle, your starter motor will go through natural wear and tear. If your starter motor is worn, it will deteriorate more quickly and perhaps even fail earlier than it should.

My starter motor has failed – what do I do?

If you notice or suspect issues with your starter motor, it’s important you have your car inspected and repaired by a qualified, reliable mechanic. Your mechanic will be able to assess the extent of the damage and provide an expert solution and repair to get your car back on the road and performing at its best.

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