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The different types of cooling systems in cars

There are two varieties of cooling systems you are likely to find in cars. These are liquid-cooled and air-cooled. Read on to find out more about their importance and differences.

Why do cars need cooling systems?

Fuel is constantly burning in your car’s engine to keep it running. Much of this heat travels straight out through the exhaust system; however, some gets absorbed into the engine. This can cause the engine to grow increasingly hot, which is why cars need cooling systems.

What is the optimum temperature for my engine?

A car’s engine runs best when the coolant is around 93 degrees Celsius. This is because, at that temperature, it is hot enough to entirely vaporise the fuel. This provides better combustion and reduces emissions.

Also, the oil used to lubricate the engine is thinner at this temperature. That means the engine parts move more easily. As a result, the engine doesn’t have to waste as much power moving its own components around. As well as this, it means metal parts wear less.

What are the different types of cooling systems?

The majority of cars have liquid cooling systems. However, you might also come across air cooling depending on the kind of car you have.

Liquid cooling

A liquid cooling system uses fluid that circulates through the pipes in the car’s engine. This passes through the hot engine and absorbs this heat. It then leaves the engine and passes through a heat exchanger which draws the heat out of the fluid.

Air cooling

While less common, you may still find an air cooling system in some cars, but especially older vehicles. In this instance, aluminium which conducts the heat away covers the engine block. A fan pushes air over the aluminium fins, transferring the heat into the air.

What are the signs of cooling system problems?

There are a few signs that your cooling system may need repairs. You may have a problem if the temperature gauge is showing an abnormally high engine temperature or there is minimal heat in the passenger compartment. Also, if there is green, orange or yellow fluid beneath your car, there may be a leak.

What to do if there’s a problem

If you notice any signs of cooling system damage, bring your vehicle to a car mechanic in Wollongong as soon as possible. This is vital to preventing any larger problems from occurring. The majority of newer vehicles have pressurised engines, so you should make sure to take your car to a professional.

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