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Why Use Caltex Oil For My Car?

As car owners, we’re constantly on the lookout for the best products for our vehicles. Cars are expensive to purchase and maintain. However, by splurging on the right products now, you can ensure that your car will continue to perform well into the future. Products that will not only help our cars to run, but to last well into the future, are exactly what we need to be investing in. With this in mind, choosing the right oil is imperative to your engine’s health. Take a look here at the top 3 reasons why you should use Caltex oil for your car.

Why use Caltex oil for my car?

Caltex oils are premium performance oils that are formulated from either fully synthetic or mineral-based fluids and top of the range technology to help your engine perform at peak capacity. Caltex oils are designed to provide a number of benefits beyond just lubricating your engine. They assist in everything from preserving and protecting your engine to maximising power and performance and helping reduce your maintenance costs. Some of the top benefits of using Caltex oil include:

1. Preserving and protecting your engine

Caltex OilCaltex oil helps to protect your engine under a variety of conditions by providing top of the range wear control in even the most advanced valve train mechanisms. Additional protection against internal engine friction is provided by utilising a low viscosity, multigrade formulation. Furthermore, advanced corrosion protection is offered to ensure compatibility with baseline and ethanol-blended fuels. Caltex oil works hard to ensure that your engine is protected now and into the future.

2. Can help save on maintenance costs

Maintenance costs can end up being exceptionally expensive if you let them build up or don’t take good care of your car. Caltex oil is a fantastic product to help save on those expensive maintenance costs. Caltex oil has high thermal stability that provides excellent protection against oil degradation which can contribute to sludge formation and filter blocking in the valve train and oil galleries.

3. Help maintain power and performance

Caltex oil is the perfect lubricant to use if you want to ensure that your car is running at its optimal capacity and maintaining power and performance. Caltex oil works by providing a protective coating that shields the engine against deposits that can lead to loss of power and reduced performance capacity. Caltex oil can help you maintain optimal power and performance and provide exceptional control of your piston and ring deposits under extreme temperatures.

Using Caltex oil can also assist in the overall reduction of internal engine friction, which plays a huge part in increasing your maximum fuel economy.

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