Why use Caltex Oil for my car?

When you next take your car to a motor repair shop for a service, your mechanic Wollongong should check as part of a mandatory inspection, oil levels in the engine. Our friendly mechanics will discuss with you openly what repair work needs to be done, then perform the required work as quickly as we can, all at a reasonable cost.

1st Choice Mechanical Repairs employ trusted and experience technicians that provide fast and reliable car services, maintenance, and repairs to the Wollongong region. They can even offer you advice regarding your car’s engine oil – how often it should be changed and what kind of oil is best to use for your vehicle.

Engine oil should be checked on a regular basis and changed bi-monthly. If found to be on the low level, we recommend using a particular  brand of oil on your car, we recommend the best type of engine oil. When it comes for an oil change, it is important to know what oil to use and we always provide our suggestion on what we think is the best brand.

We at 1st Choice Mechanical use only Caltex engine oil and we strongly recommend this to all our customers. This brand and type of oil ensures smooth engine operation and maximum performance, in whatever condition. With Caltex’s vast range of engine oils, we can be confident  that you’ll have all the moving parts functioning smoothly, whilst preventing friction on engine parts. Also, they oil absorbs heat that is generated from fuel combustion. As in any other fluids in the car, motor oils tend to wear out and when this happens; their capabilities to lubricate and absorb heat also tend to weaken.

If your vehicle is out of  warranty, you will know when it is time for an oil change by the following clues:

*  Unusual engine sound – If your engine makes sounds that are louder than usual, this may be caused by the fact that the oil is settled there for a long time and the buildup causes friction on the moving components.

*  Warning light goes on – If you see this, it means that the oil level should be checked and replaced, if found on the low side. You can use the oil dipstick, if you want to check it yourself.

*  Very dark oil colour – Fresh engine oil should be coloured light brown. The changing conditions in the engine; such as the presence of contaminants and high temperature make it dark or almost black in colour. The old oil should be flushed and changed with new and fresh Caltex oil.

When it comes to engine oil for your car; you can trust the judgment of 1st Choice Mechanical Repairs in NSW, Australia. We are specialists in minor, major repair services and logbook service.  Our technicians are experts in oils and lubricants and strongly suggest to customers to use Caltex motor oil.

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