Why Replace Wheel Bearings?

Do you suspect that your car’s wheel bearing are on the way out? Maybe you hear a purring noise while driving. Better have your vehicle checked by a mechanic Wollongong, as your car may be facing various problems, like a humming sound, such as a defective transmission bearing, worn-out differential or an unevenly cupped or worn tyres.

If you’re in Wollongong and you need a trusted and experienced mechanic to have your car inspected or have your wheel bearing checked, then 1st Choice Mechanical could be your best choice. With our more than 30 years experience doing mechanical repairs, we have become experts in automotive repairs and vehicle servicing of all makes and models. Thus, we ensure that your car functions at its best condition and performance.

The wheel bearing is a unit of steel balls, with a race, which is a metal sphere that holds these balls together. The wheel bearing has two functions: to help the wheels spin fast smoothly, without or with very little friction and to support the weight of your vehicle. Wheel bearings are present in all types of vehicles, including bicycles, planes and cars. When fixed on the car, a wheel bearing rides on the metal pin shaft inside the chunk of metals at the wheel’s centre. It is called the hub.

The lifespan of the wheel bearing can last the lifespan of the vehicle. A specific time is not fixed for mileage or time requirement for a bearing replacement, except when it is worn out or damaged. There are a few signs that your wheel bearing is going bad and the most common of these signs is when you notice a humming kind of noise caused by internal damage. This noise becomes more obvious, when you drive at  high speed, there is a possibility it might get louder or quieter, when the car changes direction.

Another sign of a damaged wheel bearing is when it becomes loose, which produces a growling or squeaking noise.

Wheel Bearings

Sometimes a wheel-bearing fails, due to normal wear and tear. Corrosion and moisture can cause the bearing to bomb, ahead of time. Accidents, potholes or curbs, can also cause damage to the wheel-bearings.

If you find it difficult to pinpoint which wheel bearing creates noise, because the sound voyages through the metal boards of your car, a skilled and experienced mechanic of 1st Choice Mechanical can determine it, by inspecting thoroughly for looseness, with the help of his stethoscope.

Don’t wait till you experience problems with a spoiled wheel bearing. If you have the skills, the tools and the manual, you can do the work yourself, replacing the bearing with no difficulty. However, because the axle nut is very tight and large, it can be difficult to remove and may require pressing in and out. In which case, it would be best to let the professionals do the work.

When the mechanic says that the bearing is damaged and is not fit to use, to drive your car, look for a replacement immediately. You can find wheel bearings available at 1st Choice Mechanical and our mechanics can help with the repairs.

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