Pre-Purchase Inspection

Why Get a Pre-Purchase Inspection?

Thinking of buying a car? Cars are generally a good investment with the right due diligence applied. However, if you’re considering a used vehicle, having it checked professionally by a mechanic Wollongong, before finalising the purchase, will give you peace of mind that you are putting your money on something that is worth it.

Your biggest concern when buying a used vehicle is primarily its mechanical state of health, and then registration papers as well as insurance. You can’t totally rely on the odometer reading, because it won’t give the complete picture. Sometimes a car with high mileage proves to be in a better shape than a less traveled car. So, it is recommended that you get a pre purchase inspection done before you buy.

If you are a first-time used car buyer or you are less mechanically inclined and you are in the Wollongong area, then 1st Choice Mechanical can help. Our expert mechanics will conduct a pre purchase inspection on the used car you intend to buy. Contacting us early in the purchase process could save you a lot of stress and money. You can call one of our mechanics to inspect the vehicle as soon as its available.

Issues regarding the paint, body damage, upholstery, seats can be easily spotted with minimum efforts. It is the inspection of the engine, brakes, suspension and other important components that may need assistance from a mechanic, hence a pre purchase inspection is important before you purchase. It’s risky to purchase a used vehicle without this type of inspection.

Pre-Purchase InspectionWhilst you get excited and are busy in the purchase of your next or first car, you may forget about checking on issues, with regards to mechanics, cosmetic and safety on the visual inspections and test drives. The purpose of the pre purchase inspection is to get a detailed assessment from a qualified auto mechanic and save yourself a lot of hassles and money.

The qualified mechanics of 1st Choice Mechanical will perform a complete and thorough inspection of the car; to determine its current condition, prior repairs, value, malfunctions and if anything had been changed or replaced to cover any minor or major defects. Our mechanic will also determine, if it was ever involved in an accident or any type of collision; and whether it requires a mechanical repair, etc.

A pre purchase inspection is worth considering. It gives you confidence that you are putting your money on investing in a car that will last and run well. This process helps to point out any drawbacks the car may have, but which can’t be noticed easily at first sight.

The expert mechanics of 1st Choice Mechanical have a standardised check list, so you can keep track of what they find during the inspection. In the event of any issues, you won’t be left to find the answers yourself. All concerns that pop up during the pre-purchase inspection will be discussed with you and you’ll be given recommendations on what to do, should you decide to purchase the car.

So once you’ve decided to buy the car you want and that you got hooked onto, call us on
(02) 4228 7949, so that we can conduct a pre purchase inspection. You can also visit us at, to learn more about our other automotive services.

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