Where Can I Find a Wollongong Gearbox Specialist?

Whatever type of motor vehicle you may have – car, van, delivery truck – it should be taken to a reliable and experienced mechanic, when it needs maintenance work or repairs. In the Wollongong area, there is no shortage of mechanics. Everyone is looking for a trustworthy mechanic to service their motor vehicle. It can seem hard to find someone to trust your vehicle with, regardless of whether it needs a minor or a major service.

1st Choice Mechanical in Wollongong is a reliable motor repair shop that you can trust, which will competently and efficiently repair your car and any other problems. We have the best mechanics, including gearbox specialist. They can perform transmission (or gearbox) overhaul, which means the disassembling and removal of the gearbox in its entirety and inspection for wear and damages. Depending on the condition of your transmission, it can be cleaned using a special cleaning solution or replaced with a new one if necessary. Also called a transmission mechanic, they are able to correctly disassemble and reassemble various types of transmissions correctly.  

1st Choice Mechanical has a team of fully qualified gearbox specialists, who have been working hard over the years to provide reliable repair and maintenance service a wide range of models. Our work includes transmission repair and servicing. We deal with all makes and models of all types of vehicles.  Our mechanics are very good in communicating with the car owners and can easily make you understand the problem, with regards to your vehicle and how they intend to resolve the issue.

If you need the services of an expert gearbox specialist for repair and servicing, you need not look too far. 1st Choice Mechanical is your best choice. We always make sure that your car or van runs safely on the road. Another good thing is that, if you can’t bring your vehicle to us, we offer a pick-up and delivery service. It simply means we come to you, pick up your car, have it repaired and drive it back to you. We even can provide you with a courtesy vehicle, while your car is with us for repairs. 

The main purpose of our automotive service and repair shop is to ensure that we complete all the necessary work. We see to it that we do it right, the first time and at the most reasonable cost possible.

Contact us and talk to one of our experienced and qualified mechanics and learn how you can benefit from the services provided by us, with regards to your vehicle. If you need a quote, before deciding to use our services for your car, you are free to ask us anytime. We will provide you with a free quote, after we have seen your vehicle and find out the issues that may be hidden and can only be determined after a thorough inspection of your vehicle. This will assist us to give you an accurate and justifiable quotation.

Give us a call on 02 4228 7949 or visit us at www.wllongongmechanical.com.au

Our services cover the regions of Wollongong, Shoalhaven Heads, Mount Pleasant, Greenwell Point, Kiama, Albion Park Rail, Warilla and the nearby areas.