Timing Belt Replace

When Do Timing Belts Need to Be Replaced?

Have you noticed recently that your car is having trouble starting? Maybe it needs a maintenance check, or a part needs to be changed or repaired. If that’s the case, then don’t delay in taking it to a mechanic Wollongong. Even if you are a DIYer, there are certain issues related to your car that are better left to the professionals.  An example is your vehicle’s timing belt as you need the experience and expertise to fix this type of problem.

A timing belt is the key link that connects the camshaft to the crankshaft and it plays an important role in controlling the valves and pistons of your vehicle. This is also sometimes called the timing chain or the cambelt. If the timing belt breaks or malfunctions suddenly, the valves and pistons would collide, and this can cause a lot of internal damage to the engine of your car.

Therefore, it is important to continuously observe and check the condition of your vehicle’s timing belt and to make sure that it is changed before it breaks down.

Unlike problems with the clutch or the brakes of a car, it is almost impossible to tell if your timing belt has an issue from the noise that it makes, when you are driving. Most belts are usually given a replacement period between 90,000 and 100,000 kilometers of wear, but this is just a rough estimate. You can find this information about your timing belt in your car’s service manual.

The best way to find out the condition of your timing belt is by simply looking at it. You open the bonnet and remove the cover protecting it. You look down at the belt and if you see the surface is visibly worn or the synthetic rubber has small cracks, then it is time that you take your car to a repair shop for the belt to be replaced.

Some timing belts usually do not give a warning, so they can fail unexpectedly. To avoid it from snapping without notice, the best thing for you to do is to have it changed at regular intervals. Especially, if you are going to travel on a long trip, it would be in your best interest, to get a mechanic take a look at your car’s timing belt, before setting off on the road.

Some other type of symptoms include-

Timing Belt Replace

  • ticking noise from the engine
  • engine won’t turn over
  • oil leak near the motor
  • Revs start acting up
  • exhaust issues

Timing belts are a critical and important part of a vehicle’s engine and regardless of whether it snaps entirely or a few of its teeth are stripped from its inner surface, the result is not going to change: your car will not run, until you get the timing belt replaced.

1st Choice Mechanical in Wollongong specialises in the repair and replacement of timing belts for all types and models of cars. It is advised that replacing the timing chains shouldn’t be taken on yourself, even if you are a DIY person, except, if you are a mechanic yourself. So, for any issues with your car, trust the mechanics Wollongong to take good care of your car.

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