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What's involved in servicing your BMW regularly

Any enthusiast knows that a regular BMW service is the best way to ensure your car stays in excellent condition. Regular maintenance can help prevent costly repairs and keep your vehicle running at peak condition. While it’s obvious just how many benefits regular services can have for your car, you may not know what happens during the service. Take a look here at what’s involved in servicing your BMW regularly.

How often should you get your BMW serviced?

Understanding just how often you should get your BMW serviced is essential. Experts recommend that you should have your car professionally serviced  at the following miles:

• 15,000 miles – commonly referred to as the safety and oil service period. We complete an assessment of the car’s basic components.
• 30,000 miles – Inspection one: Involves a more thorough check of your car, including a safety service, tyre rotation and brake check.
• 60,000 miles – Inspection two: is a comprehensive assessment to verify all components checked in Inspection 1 are still running fine. Additional inspection work, including checking the car body for signs of wear or rust.
• 90,000 miles – BMW recommends that Inspection 1 be repeated with a top-to-bottom inspection to ensure the car is still running smoothly.

What does a BMW service involve?

When it comes to BMW servicing, you can expect the following checks:

• Oil change – A regular oil change will ensure that sludge and debris do not build up in your engine. If you do not change your oil often enough, you risk the overall condition of your engine. BMW mechanics will remove the oil in your vehicle and replace it with new oil. They may also install a new oil filter if needed.

• Safety service – A safety service is essential to ensure that the different components of your vehicle are in good shape. This safety check involves checking your seat belts, brakes, engine fluids, hoses, tyre pressure, wipers, steering and suspension. These are all critical components of your vehicle, and if one or more are not functioning properly, your safety is at risk.

• Tyre rotation – Your BMW mechanic will alter the position of your tyres to ensure that they wear evenly. These rotations can significantly increase the lifespan of your tyres and should occur at least twice a year.

Brake check – A brake check involves your BMW mechanic checking your brakes to ensure they are functioning and responding correctly. Mechanics will also assess the individual components such as your brake pads. Your BMW’s brakes should be flushed at least every two years to keep them in peak condition.

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