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What You Need to Do to Service your BMW Regularly?

Welcome to First Choice Mechanical Repairs. If you are in Wollongong, NSW and looking for a service centre with the necessary experience, knowledge and skills about servicing BMW cars, then you need not look any further. Our Wollongong car service is available anytime to service your car if you are based in the regions of Shoalhaven Heads, Greenwell Point, Kiama, Mount Pleasant, Albion Park Rail, Worrigee, Warella Figtree, Illawarra, and the nearby areas.

BMW cars belong to the most expensive range of vehicles and therefore require expert and careful maintenance. Owning a BMW adds something special to your life, provides a good ride and makes you fall in love with its shiny, glossy appearance. It is important to take care of it very well, by sending it to 1st Choice Mechanical, whenever it needs to be serviced.

Taking your BMW car to a regular service allows it to perform consistently well and for longer. You get to enjoy driving this luxury car, as it safely takes you where you need to go. The car comes with a specific guide that will help you, when to book your car for servicing. Depending on the model of your BMW, there is a certain number of kilometers that will tell you, when to bring your car in. In general, we recommend booking your car for a service every 10,000 kilometers for a slightly older model and 15,000 kilometers for a newer one or every 12 months, whichever comes first.

However, while the scheduled maintenance is important, there are also other things that you should not miss. For example, odd and crazy as it sounds, sticking brakes, warning lights flashing or when you feel that it needs something that you are not able to do. Take your car to the 1st Choice Mechanical for either a minor or major service, if you are going on a road trip. These are signs that should never be ignored, because not every car model is the same. Pay attention to to the warning signs, it’s one good way to learn when it needs maintenance.

Because BMWs are quality engineered vehicles, they require specialised personal to service the car to the required standards. So, take care of your car not only for longevity reasons, but also to increase its resale value. Keep your car clean and provide it with what it needs, oil checks and fluids and more. Always remember when you need to take your BMW in for proper maintenance.

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Don’t worry about any issues you may have with your car, we can help. Take it in to our service centre and we will be happy to make it easier and simple for you to find a solution. We have trained and experienced specialists, who are committed to provide you exceptional service. We assure you that our technicians can get your vehicle running at its optimum performance. Do not hesitate to contact us for a free quote on your BMW. Our quotes are accurate with no hidden costs that will surprise you, when the job is done.

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