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What Makes A Car Unroadworthy?

When your driving in your car each day, it’s almost certain that you do so under the assumption that your car is fit to be on the road. Of course, this is understandable if there’s nothing visibly wrong with the car, but there are many ways in which a car can be unroadworthy. Read on to find out what can make a car unroadworthy in New South Wales, and some of the signs you need to look out for.

Expired registration inspection

Most vehicles need to go through a “pink slip inspection”, more formally known as a registration inspection, to stay on the road. You’ll need to complete this inspection annually, or you run the risk of your car becoming unroadworthy if your registration expires. These tests are simple to schedule and require relatively little effort on your part, but they are key to keeping your vehicle on the road.

Expired insurance

Also known as a “green slip”, to register your car you will need to have compulsory third party (or CTP) insurance in place. This insurance is in place to make sure that you are covered in the event of a car accident that is your fault in which people are injured. If your car isn’t registered with a green slip then it isn’t considered roadworthy, making you liable for all of the injuries caused by a crash. This liability means that you would see a significant financial cost from the incident.

A severely damaged vehicle

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Even though you may have passed your safety inspection, if your vehicle is on the receiving end of a significant amount of damage in the time following the inspection, it may have become unroadworthy. This can come from a multi-vehicle collision, a car accident with a single vehicle, or potentially a mechanical incident that doesn’t show on the outside of the vehicle. These vehicles can be at risk of leaving debris on the road or breaking down, so looking for car repairs in Wollongong can get your vehicle back to a safe condition.

Windscreen damage

Although your car’s bodywork and mechanical features may not be damaged, your car can become unroadworthy because of damage to your windscreen. A chip on the screen is likely to be acceptable; however, if this were to worsen and become a crack (or even a series of webbed cracks), your car may be considered unroadworthy. This is because your windshield is one of the most important parts of a car, allowing you to see the road, your environment, and the traffic around you. A broken windshield will destroy your vision and leave the car almost impossible to drive safely. In this case, you should take the car off the road and immediately seek repairs.

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