What is a Logbook Service?

Have you just bought a new car or even a used one that is still within the warranty period? If so, you should be aware that you need to book in for a logbook car service, as specified by the manufacturer. This service may be performed by a local mechanic who is authorized to carry out this work, and should be done on time, every time. If the required service is not done, it may void your cars warranty.

Logbook service is also referred to as a hand book service. This is when your car receives a service that in a manner; conforms with the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. Every logbook car service should be done by a licensed mechanic; but it does not have to be at the dealer. According to Australian law, your car service can be carried out by a local mechanic or service center that you choose, provided they are qualified to do carry out the work.

1st Choice Mechanical in Wollongong is a licensed and fully qualified mechanical work shop that can perform your logbook service. When you bring your car to us for service; we can stamp your service book after the service and there would be no issues about voiding your manufacturer’s warranty.  The servicing is evidence of a regularly maintained car, so it upholds the resale value while giving you the assurance that it will run smoothly on the road.

A logbook service also involves checking and/or replacing faulty components, as well as checking fluids on your car at the time of the warranty, as specified by the manufacturer. If we need to replace any part/s, we make sure that we use genuine parts or their equivalents, so there will be no concerns about voiding the warranty, when poor quality replacement parts are used.

Some of the logbook services are minor and some will be more involved and involve a major service. The scheduled first service after you have purchased your new car; will be after 1,000 kilometers and may include a few safety checks; to make sure that your car’s performance is working as designed. The services that are required to be performed are outlined in the log book; given by the car manufacturer. It serves as a guide to the mechanic; at what should be given attention at that specific intervals of service.

The mechanics of 1st Choice Mechanical are qualified to do the logbook service and verify the records in your logbook.

We will take care of all your car service needs. Our technicians are reliable and experienced, so they are always updated on modern vehicle technologies. 1st Choice Mechanical uses branded products that have passed our strict quality standards; because we want only the best parts to be fitted to your vehicle.

If your car needs logbook services from professional team of mechanics, call us at 1st Choice Mechanical Repairs on (02) 4228 7949 or visit us at www.wollongongmechanical.com.au.

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