Car Exhaust

What causes Car Exhaust to smoke?

You understand certain colors when it comes to driving. Green means “go.” Yellow means “caution.” Red means “stop.” Traffic lights are supposed to change colour, but what does it mean if your car’s exhaust starts swapping shades? It could mean nothing, or it could be a sign that there’s a problem you need to have checked out. See further below the different colours and what it means. The colour change  may mean it’s time to look for an oil leak repair, an engine tune-up, a coolant check, the car exhaust can tell you a lot about a potential problem with your car.

However, even if your car has been reliable for that travel around town, a road trip is a different story. It can put a lot of strain on your vehicle, which is why you should book it in for a car service. before that long trip. Taking your car to a mechanic, at least a week before you hit the road will ensure that you will reach your destination, without any stress or problems.

These are some of the things that you should talk to your mechanic about during your car servicing:

  • Ask them to perform general maintenance, such as checking the fluid levels, spark plugs, cabin fuel air filters, battery charge, lights, etc.
  • Checking the brakes thoroughly.
  • Inspecting the tyres and alignment.
  • Adjusting the steering and suspension.
  • Maintain the exhaust system.

A faulty exhaust system could be due to poor fuel efficiency or decreased power and sometimes the engine’s emitted dangerous gases, that are improperly vented. Having your exhaust system checked is important for the reliability of your car, especially if you’ve been noticing popping and hissing noises coming from the car. These noises could mean problems with the muffler, exhaust manifold, tail pipe or catalytic converter.

What if you are not hearing noises? Well, it is still a wise idea to have your exhaust system inspected by a technician before you go. In fact, if your car is more than five years old, the system should be checked every year or two by a professional, although nothing feels or sounds like a problem.

When your car’s exhaust smokes, you may see different colours, which will help you identify the problem.

  • white smoke is steam caused by condensation or a more serious problem, as a result of an engine coolant leak.
  • blue smoke means that oil is entering the system or worn valve seals.
  • grey smoke could be due to excess oil or a PCV valve failure.
  • black smoke in a petrol car means that there’s an air filter or fuel injector problem; in a diesel car it is a soot build up.

If you’re scheduled on a long road trip or just doing a lot of travel, and you’re in the Wollongong region, book your car in with 1st Choice Mechanical. We are the area’s automotive service provider, for all your maintenance and repair needs. We provide specific services for oil changes, brake and clutch replacements, transmission and steering system repairs, alternator repairs and timing and drive belts replacement. If the inspection shows that your vehicle needs to be fixed, have it done immediately, so you don’t have to postpone your trip or travel, just to resolve the problem.

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