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Call us on 4228 7949


Do you feel the need to bring your car to a mechanic Wollongong? Maybe the vehicle is showing signs that something specific needs to be fixed, tuned, or inspected, which maybe outside your regular maintenance schedule. Maybe it needs an oil change service because there’s an excess vehicle exhaust, increased engine noise or a falling oil level.

When it comes to oil change services, no one can do it better than the mechanical service mechanics at 1st Choice Mechanical. Bring your vehicle to us and try the Purple Cow Service for your car that we offer. Heard about it only now? Well, a purple cow service refers to a service that is different from the ordinary car services. In other words, it’s fast, reliable and cost effective. Why, because you’re in and out of the 1st Choice Mechanical shop in 35 minutes, with all the necessary work completed!

First of all, this is not the manufacturer’s or any handbook service, but rather an oil change service with a whole lot more. When your car arrives at the shop, for a purple cow service, our mechanic will conduct a Safe-T-Stop check to ensure that your brakes, including the hand brakes, are in tip top condition. Then a report will be printed and provided to you. Your car then will be put on a hoist and drain the oil, after which a visual inspection will be done on under the car components and suspension, followed by a check on the tyres depth and pressure. Then the new engine oil will be added. Also, to be checked are the basic fluid and under bonnet, lights and accessory functions. All of these will be completed in 35 minutes. Really remarkable, isn’t it?

When you try the Purple Cow Service for your car, you will need to stay at the shop while everything is being done. No other type of repair work will be handled while your car is being serviced. Five litres of oil are included for free, however if additional oil is needed, this will be charged at $10 per litre.

The cost of this Purple Cow Service is only $130.

This is perfect as an intermediate service, but you must make a booking first. When a problem is found during the check-up, you will be informed and you can rebook if you wish, to have that work done later. We accept any make, model, petrol or diesel for this Purple Cow Service.

When your car needs an oil change, then it is time for a visit to 1st Choice Mechanical. All of our service mechanics are experienced and highly skilled to perform high levels service for your car. Moreover, they use only the best quality motor oil that will prolong the life of your car and improve its performance.

Skipping on an oil change is not advisable, because without lubrication the moving joints in the engine will cause excessive friction and damage, which will result in premature wear. Also, adding oil instead of changing it, can cause engine problems. The dark colored, gritty or cloudy used oil has to be removed, to allow new oil, to lubricate the parts of your engine.

So, be different; try the Purple Cow Service and see for yourself how remarkable our offer is.

Contact us on (02) 4228 7949 or visit us at, if you want to learn more.

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