The Types of Cooling Systems in Cars

Have you experienced getting stranded on the side of the road because of an overheated car engine? It can be frustrating, not to mention the inconvenienence.  This may have been caused by a defective cooling system, which controls the temperature of your car engine. This is one reason why you should always seek advice or help from your local mechanic, if you  notice your car overheating.

A cooling system is an essential part of your car’s engine. Its functions include removing excess heat from the engine. It also maintains the operating temperature that ensures the engine is working efficiently and when the engine becomes too hot, the cooling system quickly brings the engine to its proper working temperature. The car cooling system has six main parts, namely, an engine, a water pump, a cooling fan, a radiator, hoses and a thermostat.

There are two types of car cooling systems:

Cooling Systems

1. The air-cooling system, where heat that is conducted to the engine’s outer part, is radiated by the stream of air from the atmosphere. This type of process is almost obsolete and very rarely used these days, if ever, and mainly relates to older model cars.

2. The other is the water-cooling system. During the combustion process, some of the fuel energy changes into heat, which is then transferred to the coolant and circulated through the engine by the water pump. The coolant is carried to the radiator by hoses. And the cooling fan pulls the heat past the engine, back to the water pump for recirculation.

It is important that your car cooling system is maintained, so it works well, because when it starts to malfunction, it can mean expensive and complex repairs, that relate to the engine of your car.

The mechanics of 1st Choice Mechanical Repair are experts in maintenance and repair of cooling systems, making sure that you will have hassle-free travel. At the very first sign of any problems that you notice in your vehicle, you should immediately book a service call. Some issues may include above normal temperature, leak in the cooling system or there is no or very little heat in the passenger compartment.

Don’t hesitate to bring your car to us, so that it can be checked thoroughly. It could prevent a bigger problem from occurring down the track. Our expert team is always ready to walk you through any issues that you may be experiencing, with your cooling system or if your car just needs a checkup. We will firstly pull together all the information around the problem, before we head in for a diagnosis that is more thorough.

There is also a wide range of other services provided by your local mechanics in Wollongong, aside from the cooling systems. Brake repairs, transmission, tune up, tyre rotation, diagnostics, oil change and many more. 1st Choice Mechanical is able to take care of a wide variety of car issues. If you are in the Wollongong and surrounding areas, we can help.

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