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The Top European Cars in Australia and Why They Are Worth Buying

European Styling

With so many different brands available it’s difficult to choose when it comes the time to buy a new or used car. Do you stick to the tried and proven brands like Ford, Commodore and Toyota or do you look for a car that has style, class and superior engineering?

 There are a few european cars that manage to improve or maintain their sales despite the tough conditions and multitude of choices. Australians favour these vehicles because of great styling, solid engineering, and reliable standard features.


If there are two things Australians love, it’s a good car, and a good deal. So it was only a matter of time before ŠKODA made its move Down Under. Since arriving in 2007, over 20,000 Australians have been enjoying ŠKODA’s European quality, without the European price tag.

One of the best kept secrets in Australia, The Octavia was one of the 1st models to launch in Australia offering more space, comfort, and better performance than others in its class. There are over 15 new cars in 5 good value models. When it comes to servicing your new or used ŠKODA you have the choice to take it to your own preferred repairer. No longer having to take it back to the dealer/ do your research and look for an experienced ŠKODA service centre


Trust your Audi to the experts

Having made the choice to buy an Audi, you now have to decide who you will entrust to look after it over its lifetime.  Chances are if you’ve bought a new car from a main dealership, you will have been strongly advised to take it back there for servicing.  You may well have been told that “having your car serviced with a centre that has the skill and knowledge is the safest way to maintain your new car warranty”.

The good news is that the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 gives owners the freedom to choose who they want to take care of their car. Which is great news for Audi owners all over Perth, because there is a specialist Audi service centre right on your doorstep with the depth of knowledge, experience and technology to do the job properly.


The VW Atlas is an all-new SUV, delivering a pleasing blend of spaciousness, utility, off-road performance and technological sophistication. The VW Golf GTI combines the style, refinement and hatchback versatility of the VW Golf with a high-performance engine.

Both models recently won Best of 2018 Awards. The Golf GTI was named the Most Fun-to-Drive Car of the Year, while the VW Atlas won the top honor of Best of 2018.  Make sure that you take good care of your car to retain its value.

Entrust your vehicle to 1st Choice Mechanical Repairs, Wollongong’s top choice for automotive repairs, parts and maintenance. Our team of mechanics specialise in European cars, in addition to servicing of 4x4s, off-road and other car models. Visit our shop for a quick check-up, SKODA consultation, Audi repairs, or Volkswagen maintenance and parts.