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Electronic Diagnostics

Electronic Diagnostics

1st Choice Mechanical Repairs, your trusted local Wollongong mechanic has a wealth of electronic vehicle diagnostic experience and is backed by OBD II diagnostic scan tools that will plug into and suit most vehicle makes and models. Whilst it is very important to know that a scan tool, vehicle diagnostic scanner does NOT tell the technician specifically what the problem is, the latest vehicle diagnostic check will indicate the electronic system that needs further assessment to diagnose the vehicle engine light and produce the correct diagnostic fault code to test further. 

How bad is having the engine light on?

Diagnostic fault lights are one of the most common things that will be observed in any vehicle. There are so many electronic management systems in vehicles today that the smallest of engine faults can cause the orange engine light on the dash to illuminate. 

It’s not always doom and gloom and something that will be an expensive process to conduct an ECM scan. In most cases about 30 minutes to 1hour of diagnostic trouble shooting on your vehicle will indicate enough to the technician to form an opinion on how to best proceed with further engine management diagnostic trouble shooting or engage specific ECU fault code component repair or replacement.  

Have you seen this before on a vehicle like mine?

My car engine light is on is one of the most common things we hear at the workshop, or my orange engine light is flashing. We have the diagnostic technology and tools to assist with most makes and models of vehicles. Our diagnostic program equipment covers current vehicles through to older vehicles that were produced back in the 90’s. Our dealer equivalent Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda scan tool is very efficient in assisting with the European vehicle diagnostics.  

When can I get the engine light checked?

Book your service online with the click of a button through our website booking guru and request an engine scan or diagnostic scan. Provide as much information as possible and available dates will be provided with vacancies that we have available. Alternatively call the workshop and we can discuss an appointment further and provide some advice. 

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Our Expertise Extends to AUDI, Skoda, and VW Vehicles: Trust Us to Keep Your European Vehicle in Top Shape!

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