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4x4 Maintenance & Upgrade


1st Choice Mechanical Repairs offers a variety of 4×4 service, off road vehicle service and 4×4 upgrades. There are many options available to look at regarding 4×4 suspension upgrades, 4×4 brake upgrades and 4×4 suspension kits or 4×4 lift kits. As passionate owners of 4×4 vehicles amongst the team at 1st Choice Mechanical Repairs, there is a vested interest in discussing your individual needs when it comes to 4×4 off-road maintenance. 

4×4 vehicle service is certainly something that can be done by 1st Choice Mechanical Repairs. A comprehensive 4×4 safety report and inspection is great peace of mind if your vehicle is used off road or for carrying loads. 

Whats common to do to my 4×4 to upgrade it ?

The most common first step 4×4 upgrades that we speak to customers about are 4×4 brake upgrades, and 4×4 suspension. There are a host of 4×4 upgrade kit suppliers that 1st Choice Mechanical Repairs are associated with and after a discussion regarding how you use your 4×4 and what you would like to achieve via being able to carry extra load, 4×4 lift kit options, or if you are a tradie that needs to find a suspension option to suit your 4×4 we can help. 4×4 suspension, 4×4 brakes and 4×4 tyres and alignment are a symmetry that all need to work together to achieve the results that you are looking for. 

4×4 suspension and brake testing and vehicle weight ?

1st Choice Mechanical Repairs is fitted out with a state of the art Safe-T-Stop brake tester. The 4×4 vehicle can be put to the test to see individually what the brakes are doing at each corner; each shock absorber can be tested, and a weight of the vehicle can be measured. Hand brake functionality and alignment drag can all be tested at the same time with a comprehensive 4×4 vehicle report being issued from the Safe-T-Stop brake tester. The testing conducted and report issued is the same as what is requested by vehicle engineers when having your modified 4×4 inspected and engineered. 

Our Expertise Extends to AUDI, Skoda, and VW Vehicles: Trust Us to Keep Your European Vehicle in Top Shape!

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