So why the purple cow service you may ask? Simply because it is remarkably different!

What will we do?

  • We firstly conduct a Safe-T-Stop test and print a report for you,
    checking brake performance, handbrake operation and wheel
    alignment drag. (We will give you this report).
  •  We will put the vehicle on the hoist and drain the oil. 
  • A basic visual inspection of brakes,
    suspension, under car components will be conducted. 
  • Tyres tread depth and pressure will be checked. 
  • New engine oil added.
  •  Basic fluid and under bonnet checks. 
  • Lights and basic check of accessory
  • You are in/out in 35 minutes! Remarkable!

How much will this purple cow service cost? $130.00

What are you waiting for? Get Mooooving and book now!

So what is it and what are the conditions?

  • This is an oil change service (Not a handbook or manufacturers service)
  • This service will be done in 35 minutes
  • You MUST wait while the vehicle is serviced (Vehicle not to be left)
  • The service MUST be paid for in cash.
  • The service will include up to 5 litres of oil we keep in stock
  • Additional litres of oil above 5 litres are $10 per litre
  • Perfect as an intermediate service
  • Bookings are essential
  • There will be no other repair work done at the time of the service
  • If any issues are identified, you will be notified and can re-book
  • This is a basic oil change (Oil only) and cursory check over
  • ANY make, model, petrol, or diesel will be eligible for this service
  • We reserve the right to refuse this service offer
  • This offer is not valid in conjunction with any other offer or