Need Car Towing Wollongong?

If you’re in NSW, particularly in the area of Wollongong and you get stranded and need towing,

so, your car can be towed to the car repair shop, then you want a reliable towing service. When the car arrives at the mechanic, you’ll want an experienced and skilled car mechanic Wollongong to be working on the car immediately, to have it back on the road as quickly as possible.

Luckily in Wollongong, you can easily get a towing service from 1st Choice Mechanical Repairs. You can contact our mechanics, round the clock and offer help each time you face car trouble. We will respond to your call quickly and provide you with efficient roadside assistance, regardless of your location.

First, when might you need car towing Wollongong? Here are a few situations that tell you that your vehicle needs to be towed.

Flat tyre

A flat tyre may happen, when you expect it the least and may be caused by low tyre pressure, damaged threads or punctured by a sharp foreign object, along the way. Some drivers may know how to change a tyre, but most would prefer to call a car towing Wollongong. We can help.

Collision damage

When you check out the penalties of a collision and there’s damage to your car, but you are not sure if it is safe to be driven or not, you better call a towing service. The accompanying technician will be able to estimate the extent of the damage and provide you the best solution on the spot.

Engine overheats

The reasons for overheating, may be a faulty fan belt or a leaked water pump. Once you notice that your car is overheating, be smart and get in touch with the towing company and have it looked at straight away.

Car runs out of gas

Maybe the gauge on your dashboard is faulty or you simply forgot to check. Whatever the reason, your car needs to be towed, to the nearest service station.

The towing service Wollongong of 1st Choice Mechanical Repairs can reach you in the least amount of time, wherever your location may be. We have light and heavy-duty towing trucks, that can service the entire Wollongong City; including the additional equipment that allow us to execute the job properly.

The members of our towing team are fully licensed, certified, reliable, and experienced; to handle the repairs on your vehicle. These are professional and expert people and will be able to get you out of this dangerous situation, while observing standard procedures and safety precautions.

So, whenever you have trouble on the road and you need a car towing Wollongong, remember that we make sure that our services are always available to give you the assistance you need. It’s also best to always be on the safe side and allow the professionals to handle the situation.

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