How Vehicle Registration Works?

Do you have travel plans over the coming holidays? There is always great scenery on your travels that you can enjoy, and if your road trip is booked for January, it would be worth making sure that the car has a maintenance check completed beforehand and the car is up to scratch for the long trip. So, it might be time to touch base and have the car checked by a local mechanic before you trip.

Another important reminder is that current road laws require that you have a valid registration on your car. It’s important your vehicle is roadworthy before starting your long trip. Generally, when you buy a car the dealer can arranges the registration forms, insurance and the registration of the vehicle on your behalf.

The registration rules vary from one state to another. The compulsory insurance is included with the registration. However, in NSW, you must buy the insurance separately, when you renew the rego and the state also requires a technical checkup, when you renew the registration.

Now let’s go back to your planned journey for the holidays. If your rego falls due during this period, then 1st Choice Mechanical in NSW can help you get it done, so don’t leave things to chance and spoil your travel plans.

Even if you have a new car, it is wise to have it checked. Take advantage of the car servicing offer by 1st Choice Mechanical, called the Purple Cow Service. When you book for this type of service, you need not worry about voiding your car warranty.

At our shop, your car will undergo the following:

*  comprehensive safety check

*  replacement of engine oil

*  checking, cleaning and adjustment of brakes

*  checking of tire and thread

*  checking of tire pressure, and others.

What’s remarkable with this Purple Cow Service is that your car will be in and out of the shop in 35 minutes with all the required work done; and it will cost you only $130, paid for, in cash.

We accept all car makes and models and almost any brand such as VW, Audi, Ford, Nissan, Subaru, Honda, BMW, Mazda, Toyota, Kia, and many others. Please ask for details on other models.

When it comes to the car servicing of your vehicle, don’t hesitate to try our Purple Cow Services. It doesn’t matter, even if it’s a new car and is already registered. It’s more important that you travel safely and reach your destination, without any mechanical issues. 

Our shop mechanics have been trained specifically and certified, to service your car and our shop is equipped with all the diagnostic equipment. These facts allow us to handle most common repair works, when an issue is detected during the checkup. Our technician will inform you when a defect in your car warrants another booking with us.

We will back from our break on the Monday 4th January, so please call us and we will book in the service right away, so you are ready for the big road trip.

You can contact us on (02) 4228 7949 or visit our website and make a booking.

We service the areas of Wollongong, Mount Pleasant, Shoalhaven Heads, Kiama, Greenwell Point, Albion Park Rail, Corrimal, Figtree, Warella, Worrigee and the surrounding areas.