How Often Do Alternators Go Bad?

It is a common misconception among drivers that the car battery is the source of power of all electrical things in your car – windshield wiper, headlights and stereo system. The truth is your car’s electricity supply comes from the alternator. So, if your vehicle’s electrical system is giving you trouble, have a mechanic Wollongong inspect your alternator.

1st Choice Mechanical provides high quality service that will keep your car’s battery and electrical system functioning, like they should. Our mechanics have complete knowledge of auto parts and can guarantee the work on the necessary repairs. We have the latest up to date equipment, to diagnose your car problem and to carry out a well-organised service check. So, at the first sign of an alternator that is going bad, bring your car to us, so we can run a check on it.

Your car won’t start, if it is having an alternator problem. Or if it does, it may not stay on, even for just a few minutes. The following are the signs of a failing alternator that can occur before you realise that your battery is dead.


  • headlights are either overly bright or too dim
  • dead battery
  • malfunctioning or slow electrical accessories
  • frequent stalling or trouble starting
  • odd sounds (growling or whining) from under the bonnet
  • battery warning light pops out on dashboard
  • foul odour of burning wire or rubber

Identifying these symptoms indicate that your car should be checked by a mechanic Wollongong. It can save you from dealing with any future problems, while on the road. Most often, car alternators will go off, with no or very little advance notice. So that you are not caught off guard, while driving, take your car to a motor repair shop, when you notice, even just the smallest signs listed above. Our certified and skilled mechanics will be able to determine if the alternator needs to be replaced or if there are other issues that need to be resolved.

An alternator is a hardworking generator, keeping the electrical system up and running. That is its job; and the job of the battery is to start the car. Generally, the alternator is mounted, in front of the engine, with a belt that runs around it.

An alternator typically continues to function optimally within seven years or about 100,000 miles. Some mechanics, though, have observed alternators last only about 80,000 miles. Some factors affect the life of an alternator, such as the quality of the part, the number of electrical items being used inside the car and the conditions in which you drive your car.

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