Regular Car Service

How Much Is A Regular Car Service?

It’s generally recommended that you get your car serviced every six months, yet many vehicle owners avoid scheduling regular car maintenance for fear of having to deal with astronomical prices.

However, failing to get your car regularly serviced means you’ll likely end up paying for injury rather than preventative maintenance – which really can be astronomical! Read below for more information on regular car service costs, what they entail, and factors that affect the pricing of a regular car service.

How much should a regular car service cost?

The price of a regular car service can vary drastically. However, in recent years, the automotive industry has introduced capped price and menu-based servicing to overcome these huge price differences. This means that, with some research, you can avoid paying above the standard price.

Menu-based servicing ensures that mechanics break down the components of regular car services into individual costs whilst the capped price initiative puts a limit on how much maintenance services can charge you. This means that all vehicle owners in Australia can expect to pay no more than $200 to $300 for a minor car service.

Even if your car is older and not covered by a fixed-price program, you can make a judgement call based on how much others are paying for the same service.

What does a regular car service entail?

Regular Car ServiceIt’s important to know what a regular car service includes so that you don’t pay the standard price for a lesser service. A normal maintenance service usually includes:

  • Topping up tyre pressure
  • Topping up water, wiper, and coolant fluids
  • Checking the horn
  • Checking brakes
  • Inspecting globes
  • Inspecting air conditioning
  • Replacing radiator fluid
  • Oil and filter changes

It’s important to ensure that your car maintenance service covers the list above for it to be substantial. Some automotive businesses may try and charge you below standard maintenance price for an oil and filter change and boast quick turnover times. This equates to the bare minimum and doesn’t count as a full car service. Cheaper car maintenance services that don’t cover all the basic safety checks can cause your vehicle more damage in the future.

Car service cost factors

Besides the extent of services offered, there are several other factors that contribute to the cost of your regular car service, including geographical location, distance travelled, and vehicle types and models. For instance, car maintenance is more expensive in capital cities where the cost of living is higher. Whether your car runs on diesel or fuel is also another cost factor.

What’s more, certain cars oftentimes require special spare parts and different kinds of engine oils or transmission fluids. This can make them more expensive to service since automotive companies usually have to order in specific resources. Old cars are usually more costly to maintain due to the additional kilometres they’ve travelled by comparison to newer vehicles.

Although it’s generally recommended that you get your car regularly serviced every six months, the specifications outlined by certain car manufacturers sometimes state otherwise. That is, some advise you to get your car serviced every three months whilst others may suggest going once a year. The length of time between services can therefore have a major impact on how much you spend on your car maintenance per annum.

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