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Customer 1st Choice Mechanical – Rego Renewals Over Christmas

Australia is home to many beautiful sceneries and locations spread across state by state. Wollongong alone is home to coastal relics, secluded bays, hidden beaches and Elliot Lake, otherwise known as the little lake. While such locations are ideal all year round, the Christmas/summer period is a particularly great time to jump in your car and explore what this beautiful state has to offer.

Before you get too excited, however, it is extremely important to have your vehicle’s safety features checked to ensure that they are a) in functioning condition and b) not about to expire. And then there are the other, smaller features that will come in handy for you and your family, such as air-conditioning and power windows etc.

What safety features should you have checked and why?

Battery life:

It is probably safe to say that we have all, at one time or another, experienced a flat battery. Not only is it extremely inconvenient to be stuck, having to wait for assistance in the heat of summer, but a flat battery also have the potential to be very dangerous.

Tyres and wheel alignment:

It is important that you maintain the proper wheel alignment of your car, as a correct alignment prevents unnecessary wear on your tyres, steering, suspension and brakes. A correct alignment also optimises driving stability, maximises tyre life and improves your vehicle’s overall handling performance.


The function of brakes are well known to all, so it goes without having to be said that worn brakes may lead to injury or fatality. On a lesser note, worn brake linings may cause your rotors to wrap when used, which can end up being very costly to fix.

Transmission, clutch and CV points:

The clutch of a car provides transfer of torque between shafts spinning at different speeds. Wear, tear and damage can result in a car that cannot be driven, that will need to be towed and it is worth noting that the costs associated with fixing a busted transmission or clutch are very high. On the other hand, their maintenance is reasonably priced.

Steering and suspension:

The suspension system supports the weight of your vehicle, provides a smooth ride and creates stable road control, drivability and handling. The steering system, with an interrelated function, provides directional control of your car. Through this definition, their importance is quite clear. You need these two to be working their best if you plan your holiday period driving.

Finally, it is very important to check your rego. Since the removal of the registration stickers, remembering the payment’s due date can be extremely difficult and forgotten about, especially amongst the excitement of Christmas and spending time with family and friends.

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