What are coilovers?

A coilover combines a coil spring and shock absorber into one integrated assembly. The coil spring is seated around a specially designed shock housing that mounts in place where the coil springs or struts would be. Like any spring, coilovers serve to support the weight of a car or truck’s body.

However, it’s important to note that even though a coilover’s housing plays an integral role in supporting vehicle weight the same way a strut does, coilovers are not technically struts.

The reason for this is because coilovers are not structural suspension members, which struts are. Give the team a call on  02 4228 7949 for more details 

What do they do?

Thanks to built-in adjustability, coilovers offer the ability to be shortened or lengthened – lowering or raising the ride height of your vehicle through manual adjustment, without complex electronics or hydraulics.

 As they compress, ride quality becomes firmer and more buttoned-down without the harshness of shortened coil springs. For more details call the team on  02 4228 7949  to make a booking.

Brakes and Braking Systems

What are High Performance Brakes ?

When it comes to upgrading your car’s performance, having the right brakes is key.

As much fun as it is to keep bumping up your car’s power output, if you don’t have enough braking to reel your car back in, you could quickly find yourself in trouble. 

We have some big brake kits and they are a great way to ensure that you’ve got the stopping power required to stay safe. From the big names of the industry to a handful of lesser-known options, here are some great big brake kits to upgrade your ride.

That’s why high-performance brakes are commonly fitted to pricier, higher-performing vehicles, and why some of these even feature further-upgraded braking system components built from exotic materials and backed by the latest braking system technologies.

Furthermore, upgraded performance braking systems are at the core of a multi-million-dollar industry propped up by tuners, driving enthusiasts and motorsports participants around the globe.

Our Expert

When you start to suspect that your brakes aren’t working like they should, don’t hesitate to have the problem looked at. Even if your suspicions turned out to be wrong, you can now rest assured that there’s no problem. If, however, your brakes are faulty, you’ll be glad you followed your gut.

At 1 st  Choice Mechanical Repairs , we perform comprehensive services for brakes, including inspections, repairs and replacements. If you live in the Wollongong area and suspect your vehicle has a brake problem, bring it in 1 st  Choice Mechanical Repairs & Tyres today.

Comprehensive Inspections

Sometimes you just have a feeling that your brakes are going. Other times, you consider how long it’s been since your brakes were serviced. If you’re not sure how to tell if your brakes need services, consider these signs:

  • Scraping, squealing or chattering noises
  • Sticking or grabbing feeling
  • Sinking or pulsing pedal
  • Dragging brakes

If you experience any of these signs while driving, you know it’s time to take your vehicle to 1 st  Choice Mechanical Repairs & Tyres. We will inspect your vehicle, determine the cause of the problem, and present a solution.

Thorough Repairs and Replacements

In the event that the problem can be fixed, we’ll do it efficiently and get you back on the road in no time. Most brake problems require new brake pads, pad shims or calipers. We can get the job done efficiently and at a price you can afford.

We understand that your vehicle is important to you and that replacements can be expensive. That’s why we offer  quotes  that will help you plan for costs and timing. We aim to provide the best service at an affordable price point.

Whether your brakes feel a little spongy or if you fear they’re going to give out altogether, the professionals at 1 st  Choice Mechanical Repairs & Tyres can help. Call us today on  02 4228 7949 or  message us  online.




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