When you start to suspect that your brakes aren’t working like they should, don’t hesitate to have the problem looked at. Even if your suspicions turned out to be wrong, you can now rest assured that there’s no problem. If, however, your brakes are faulty, you’ll be glad you followed your gut.

At 1 st  Choice Mechanical Repairs & Tyres, we perform comprehensive services for brakes, including inspections, repairs and replacements. If you live in the Wollongong area and suspect your vehicle has a brake problem, bring it in 1 st  Choice Mechanical Repairs & Tyres today.

Comprehensive Inspections

Sometimes you just have a feeling that your brakes are going. Other times, you consider how long it’s been since your brakes were serviced. If you’re not sure how to tell if your brakes need services, consider these signs:

  • Scraping, squealing or chattering noises
  • Sticking or grabbing feeling
  • Sinking or pulsing pedal
  • Dragging brakes

If you experience any of these signs while driving, you know it’s time to take your vehicle to 1 st  Choice Mechanical Repairs & Tyres. We will inspect your vehicle, determine the cause of the problem, and present a solution.

Thorough Repairs and Replacements

In the event that the problem can be fixed, we’ll do it efficiently and get you back on the road in no time. Most brake problems require new brake pads, pad shims or calipers. We can get the job done efficiently and at a price you can afford.

We understand that your vehicle is important to you and that replacements can be expensive. That’s why we offer  quotes  that will help you plan for costs and timing. We aim to provide the best service at an affordable price point.

Whether your brakes feel a little spongy or if you fear they’re going to give out altogether, the professionals at 1 st  Choice Mechanical Repairs & Tyres can help. Call us today on  02 4228 7949 or  message us  online.

Keeping your suspension in top condition is vital to your cars safety and performance

One main function of your car’s suspension is to provide a smooth, comfortable ride – even when you’re on a bumpy road. However, your suspension’s most important job is to keep all four tyres in firm contact with the road so that steering, driving and braking systems are effective. Without your suspension in good working order, control of the vehicle can become unmanageable and can lead to unfortunate (and fully-avoidable) accidents.

There are many parts working together to ensure your car’s suspension is doing its job. Shock absorbers (or struts) and springs are the main parts, however, it’s important that other parts, including ball joints, tie rod ends and suspension bushes are in good condition.

If any of these parts are worn, your suspension system becomes ineffective and this is incredibly unsafe. 

For example, just one worn shock absorber means you may need up to 2.6-metres longer to stop the vehicle. That could be the difference between stopping safely or crashing.

Book in for one of our April discounts and get you brakes and suspension repairs don today with our After Pay options 

10% off all servicing when you combine it with a Brake or Suspension repairs or both 

1/2 price Wheel alignment when you buy 2 or more new tyres. Add a brake and suspension repair/service and get a further 5% discount


Regularly see Andrew and Ray at the service interval for my high end European vehicle servicing needs... When I bought the car I was worried about who could service it in Wollongong, I spoke to Andrew and I have never looked back. I have recommended all my friends to Andrew for the service and their pricing.
- John Carr

I have used 1st Choice Mechanical Repairs for the last 2 years. The service I have received is outstanding. The staff are immensely helpful and friendly and provide great advice and assistance. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Andrew and his team to anybody requiring mechanical repairs or servicing.
- Jeremy Barnett

Every time I have had to take my car in they are quick, professional and honest. I regularly recommend them to anyone looking for a good mechanic. I won’t go anywhere else.
- Kathleen Andrews

Not only can 1st Choice Mechanical Repairs book you in quicker than a car dealership can, they also will NOT rip you off like a car dealership does. Good service from Andrew and the team at reasonable prices. What more could you ask for?
- Simon Kierse

Not only can 1st Choice Mechanical Repairs book you in quicker than a car dealership can, they also will NOT rip you off like a car dealership does. Good service from Andrew and the team at reasonable prices. What more could you ask for?
- Simon Kierse

A great local business which provide excellent old fashioned customer service. I have been using Andrew for many years and find him most reliable and friendly.
- Rick Davies

Awesome service! Really great people that get the job done right!
- Jack Tibbitts

Fast, friendly, reliable and affordable service. I highly recommend Andrew and his team for any of your mechanical needs.
- Andres B

Quick, reliable, cost effective and extremely helpful staff. I would recommend 1st Choice Mechanical Repairs for any type of mechanical repair.
- Rex Hone

Andrew and crew are the most effective, helpful, considerate and expert team around. I have relied on 1st Choice Mechanical for more than 5 years. I have moved out of Wollongong (1.5 hours drive away) but I still take both my family's cars to them.
- A Thomson-Ko

Wonderful team of professionals that provide exceptional mechanical services, they go above and beyond with their services and genuinely care for you and your car. They constantly assess your vehicle to ensure safety and provide recommendations and time frames for future repairs.
-Andre van der Merwe

Pinnacle of customer service. Friendly and polite staff. Highly recommended.
-Abdul Abdullah

Andrew managed to squeeze my car in for service and tyres on Saturday morning. Great job and service as always. Thanks again guys!
- Brett Anderson

Best mechanic in Wollongong! Very trustworthy and reliable. They offer competitive prices and excellent workmanship. The staff are very friendly and offer good advice to ensure your vehicle's longevity.
- Jerald

The team was very helpful and honest. Service was great with reasonable price.
- Jane Embernate

These guys are honest top quality mechanics with outstanding customer service. They take the time to explain things to you, and they are true professionals. They really are 1st choice, definitely worth going to.
- Jasper M

The best mechanical servicing of a car I have ever had. Car service like it should be.
- Edward Bryant

Great work, friendly staff, they were very straightforward and let me know the parts that would need to be replaced eventually. Service price was competitive too. A+
- Benjamin O'Brien

Great service, fast and professional, and very competitive pricing.
Will definitely be taking my car here again.
- Daniel Kennedy

Need great mechanics? Don't go past 1st Choice. Great people, great service. It's good to see smiling, friendly faces when you drop your car off.
- Sharon Paterson

Getting to drive a performance Commodore is great, but it's crucial to know consistent, knowledgeable, honest and reliable people who can maintain the vehicle at an affordable price. I am so glad to have found 1st Choice Mechanical Repairs more than 2 years ago and have trusted them with the vehicle since.
- A Thomson-Ko

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If you notice any of these issues, bring your vehicle in quickly. A brake inspection usually only takes around 15 minutes and can ensure your safety as well as the safety of those on the road around you. 



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