Pre-Purchase Inspection

Why Get a Pre-Purchase Inspection?

Why Get a Pre-Purchase Inspection? Thinking of buying a car? Cars are generally a good investment with the right due diligence applied. However, if you’re considering a used vehicle, having it checked professionally by a mechanic Wollongong, before finalising the purchase, will give you peace of mind that you are putting your money on something that is worth it. Your

Why Replace Wheel Bearings?

Why Replace Wheel Bearings? Do you suspect that your car’s wheel bearing are on the way out? Maybe you hear a purring noise while driving. Better have your vehicle checked by a mechanic Wollongong, as your car may be facing various problems, like a humming sound, such as a defective transmission bearing, worn-out differential or an unevenly cupped or worn

Starter Motors

What Causes a Starter Motor to Fail?

What Causes a Starter Motor to Fail? If you’re driving in or around Wollongong and you notice strange noises coming from your car and it’s related to the starter motor, then you should immediately have it checked by a reliable and experienced mechanic as soon as you can. The starter motor is a device that rotates (cranks) an internal combustion

Timing Belt Replace

When Do Timing Belts Need to Be Replaced?

When Do Timing Belts Need to Be Replaced? Have you noticed recently that your car is having trouble starting? Maybe it needs a maintenance check, or a part needs to be changed or repaired. If that’s the case, then don’t delay in taking it to a mechanic Wollongong. Even if you are a DIYer, there are certain issues related to

Clutch Repair

Clutch Repairs Near Me

Clutch Repairs Near Me All car components are important for smooth operation of your vehicle, including the clutch. However, how a clutch works actually is not always known to many drivers, so they may find it difficult to tell when it needs repairing or to be replaced, until the car is brought into a mechanic Wollongong for diagnosis. A friction


How Often Do Alternators Go Bad?

How Often Do Alternators Go Bad? It is a common misconception among drivers that the car battery is the source of power of all electrical things in your car – windshield wiper, headlights and stereo system. The truth is your car’s electricity supply comes from the alternator. So, if your vehicle’s electrical system is giving you trouble, have a mechanic