What are Purple Cow Services?

What are Purple Cow Services? Do you feel the need to bring your car to a mechanic Wollongong? Maybe the vehicle is showing signs that something specific needs to be fixed, tuned, or inspected, which maybe outside your regular maintenance schedule. Maybe it needs an oil change service because there’s an excess vehicle exhaust, increased engine noise or a falling

How much is A Regular Car Service?

How much is A Regular Car Service? Does your car need regular maintenance work or repairs to be done? Taking it to a local repair mechanic in Wollongong will in the long run save on costs if you carry out regular maintenance. A local service repair shop like 1st Choice Mechanical Repairs will also give you piece of mind that

Why use Caltex Oil for my car?

Why use Caltex Oil for my car? When you next take your car to a motor repair shop for a service, your mechanic Wollongong should check as part of a mandatory inspection, oil levels in the engine. Our friendly mechanics will discuss with you openly what repair work needs to be done, then perform the required work as quickly as

What is a Logbook Service?

What is a Logbook Service? Have you just bought a new car or even a used one that is still within the warranty period? If so, you should be aware that you need to book in for a logbook car service, as specified by the manufacturer. This service may be performed by a local mechanic who is authorized to carry

Need Car Towing Wollongong?

Need Car Towing Wollongong? If you’re in NSW, particularly in the area of Wollongong and you get stranded and need towing, so, your car can be towed to the car repair shop, then you want a reliable towing service. When the car arrives at the mechanic, you’ll want an experienced and skilled car mechanic Wollongong to be working on the

Where do I find Starter Motors Near Me?

Where do I find Starter Motors Near Me? Cars always tend to give signs, when something is faulty, such as unusual clicking sounds or when the engine doesn’t start immediately. When you hear any kind of chattering noise, when starting the car, it could mean trouble. So, it would be a good idea to have it checked by a reputable