Car Repairs

Are your brakes OK?

Here’s a question. When was the last time you thought about the brakes on your car? For most of us, the answer is probably a lot longer than it should be. We get in the car, drive off and take it for granted that the brakes will just work.   

Regular inspections are essential for safety, so if it’s been a while since they were looked at, or you think there may be a problem, then a Wollongong brake inspection service, like that from 1st Choice Mechanical Repairs is the answer. 

Know when you have a problem   


Keeping your brakes in top condition means keeping an eye out for problems, but what should you be looking for? Often the first sign of a problem is not something you can see, rather something you can hear. When in your car, always take note of any odd noises when using the brakes. These noises could be squealing, or a grinding or scraping noise, or something else. If this starts happening when using your brakes, it’s time to book a professional inspection.

Physical problems can occur before or after the noises, if the brake pedal goes soft, so you must press further down to get any brake effect, that is another sign.  Other issues you may notice are if the brakes grab or stick, causing a jerkiness when slowing down, or if the brakes feel like they are still on after you lift of the pedal.  

Professional Replacement   


If you find any of these problems, get Wollongong professionals to look. Even if it turns out to be nothing, you really shouldn’t take chances with brakes, so better safe than sorry. If there is a problem, then new brake pads, discs or shims are usually the answer.   

A professional team will always give you a quote before the work to ensure you get good value as well as the best service. For Wollongong brake solutions, 1st Choice Mechanical Repairs are the experts.  


Keep your car healthy with a Major service


How much do you rely on your car to get you through the day? From getting to work, doing the shopping and visiting friends and family, you’d be surprised how difficult things would be if your car was off the road for any length of time. That is why keeping it in good condition is essential, and a big part of that is regular servicing.

Wollongong car owners should think of a service as an investment instead of an expense, keeping your car healthy and catching any problems before they become expensive ones. A major service, such as those provided by 1st Choice Mechanical Repairs, keeps your car in best of health, so it uses less fuel and stays reliable. 

What does a major service include?

A Wollongong professional mechanic will usually offer two kinds of service. A small service for regular maintenance, and a major service that is usually once a year or specific mileage, depending on manufacturer recommendations. But what does that major service include?

It does vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, with some requiring additional components to be looked at or replaced, but in general, your major service will include

  • Air and fuel filter replacement 
  • Brake fluid flush
  • Coolant
  • Electronic battery condition check
  • Four standard electronic wheel balances
  • Fuel system additive
  • Gearbox/transmission and final drive fluids
  • Inspection ignition leads/coils and connections
  • Premium oil filter replacement
  • Spark plug replacement
  • Synthetic oil change
  • Tyre rotation (if required)
  • Up to five litres of engine oil
  • Vehicle safety inspection

As you can see, this covers every essential system on the car, ensuring that you can enjoy safe and reliable motoring into the future. It is important to have this work carried out by professionals who use quality parts, as shortcuts here can cause more problems later. Wollongong professionals such as 1st Choice Mechanical Repairs deliver cost-effective servicing without sacrificing any quality for parts or workmanship.